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South Africa's

Majestic Yellowood

The real yellowwood is South Africa’s national tree and is famed for its ability to grow over a hundred metres tall while standing the test of time.

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3 indigenous South African forests

you should know about

South Africa is home to numerous indigenous forest that need to be protected. Getting to know them is one step towards preserving their existence.

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A forest reborn

How Biotree is helping the Platbos Forest thrive

The Platbos indigenous forest is home to tree species that are over 1000 years old, which isjust one of a number of reasons why Biotree has stepped in to support the forest’s existence.

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Erythrina Lysistemon

Find fortune with the lucky bean tree

The striking lucky bean tree is for anyone who has a deep appreciation for nectarbirds and historical isiZulu culture.

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Bolusanthus Specious

The marvellous tree wisteria

Bolusanthus speciosus, also known as Tree wisteria or Elephant Wood, is not only a species that’s indigenous to South Africa but is well known for its striking cluster of blue-purple or white flowerswhen it blooms in spring.

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This world environment day is about creating the world's largest photo album of nature!

Wherever you are today, snap a photo of the nature in your environment and post it using #Worldenvironmentday and show us how you are #withnature

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6 reasons why you should choose

a biotree urn

Not sure about getting a Biotree Urn? Here's 6 reasons why you should.

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Treemendous partnerships

Greenpop and Biotree.earth

We often hear of how partners should help each other grow, well in this specific case those values take on a very literal meaning in the partnership between Biotree.earth and Greenpop.

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