Biodegradable Pet Urns: The Basics

Biodegradable pet urns are a type of urn that is able to be decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms. These pet urns benefit the environment as they do not create pollution.

Made from biodegradable materials, these kinds of urns often combine ashes with soil in order to create a tree or plant from the urn itself.

These pet urns are often chosen by people who are environmentally conscious, and who want to create a living memorial for their pet. They also offer an alternative to a more conventional urn, and may be suitable for someone looking for an eco-friendly and unique way to memorialise their pet.

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How Are Biodegradable Pet Urns Different To Normal Pet Urns?

Biotree biodegradable pet urns

Biodegradable pet urns are different to normal pet urns in that they are non polluting and often are used to create a living memorial to the pet in the form of a plant or tree.

These kinds of urns are used by those who wish to create a different kind of memorial for their pet. While you can create a traditional memorial indoors or outdoors with a normal urn, a biodegradable urn allows you to grow a tree from the ashes. The urns are specially designed to grow a tree from seeds included with the purchase of the urn.

In the case of Biotree, we have a range of tree species to choose from, provide you with a special memorial bracelet, and in the case of pet urns your purchase will help animal-focused organisations such as Rhino Force and Guide Dogs South Africa.

You can also geotag your memorial online on our website and write a memorial for your pet.

Pet urns of this kind also do not need to use all of your pet’s ashes as part of the tree-growing process. Only a small portion of the ashes are needed to mix with the seeds included with your purchase to grow your tree cremation memorial.

This makes biodegradable pet urns the perfect choice for those who are unsure of what size urn to buy to hold all of the ashes. They are also ideal for those who wish to use the remaining ashes for another purpose such as scattering ceremonies or for a separate keepsake or cremation urn.

Beyond creating a loving memorial for your pet in the form of a tree, our biodegradable pet urns act as a way of creating a habitat for other animal life. With an eco-friendly urn of this kind, you can be sure you are giving back to the Earth with your memorial.

Where Can I Plant My Biodegradable Pet Urn?

Where you can plant your biodegradable pet urn may depend on manufacturer guidelines and any restrictions in your country of purchase. If you intend to plant the biodegradable pet urn on public land, you may want to contact your local authority before doing so.

You will also come to an agreement with others if you intend on planting the Biotree on private land that is not your own.

Biotree’s biodegradable pet urns are suitable for planting outdoors or indoors using a plant pots. You may want to choose a smaller tree species if you intend on planting your Biotree indoors.

What Do I Need To Do To Grow My Biodegradable Pet Urn Tree?

biodegradable pet urn grow kit

In order to grow your biodegradable pet urn tree, you will need to:

  1. Remove all contents from the base of the Biotree pet urn.
  2. Add 800ml of water to the top of the pet urn. This will expand the soil disc to fill the top of the urn with soil.
  3. Once the soil has expanded, plant your chosen seed species 2-3cm deep.
  4. Place the ashes of your loved pet in the base of the urn and plant it to ground level.

Your Biotree pet urn and the ashes will be returned to nature as the tree grows. After this you can celebrate your pet’s life by writing an online memorial and geo-tagging your urn via our website.

Head to our pet urns section to find out more about our biodegradable pet urns, or get in touch with our team today.