1) Our urns are biodegradable and environmentally friendly!

Our urns are made from 100% natural plant fibres. This means that once placed in the ground, the urn starts to fertilise the soil over time as it returns back to nature. We take great care in ensuring that everything that is included with the Biotree Urn is environmentally friendly and doesn't have a negative impact on the planet.

2) You give back to nature in the best possible way - by growing a tree.

Each Biotree Urn comes with 3 indigenous tree species that are harmonious to the South African environment. By planting a Biotree Urn, you’re not only memorialising your loved one but also making a significant contribution towards greening the earth.

3) Your carbon footprint will be significantly reduced

Each Biotree Urn produces an average of 117 kgs of oxygen, and reduces carbon dioxide production by about 21 kgs per year once a tree is fully grown. According to the International Energy Information Administration in 2009, South Africa’s CO2 tonnes per capita was 9.11 Tonnes. This placed it well above the global average of 4.49 tonnes CO2 for 2009.

4) You’re supporting local entrepreneurship

Biotree has partnered with a number of local organisations to make sure that each purchase of an urn goes a long way towards positively sustaining livelihoods. By including a bracelet from The Bead Coalition in every purchased urn, for example, they, in turn, donate a portion of their profits to charity, creating work in rural areas for underprivileged women.

5) You help the Platbos Forest grow

The Platbos forest is South Africa’s southernmost indigenous forest located in the Western Cape, and is home to a variety of flora and fauna, as well as trees that are estimated to be up to 100 years old. Its preservation is therefore essential to the myriad ecosystems that exist within it. You can assist in the forest’s preservation by purchasing an urn. This is because Biotree purchases a tree for every urn sold, which is then planted in the Platbos forest by Greenpop, another of our partner organisations that is dedicated to urban greening and reforestation projects.

6) You’re celebrating life

By purchasing and planting a Biotree Urn, you’re celebrating the passing of a loved one with a living memorial that you get to watch as it blooms. Once your urn is planted, you can also write an online memorial and geo-tag the location of your urn on our website.